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Join the D.I.Y Revolution – Make a new friend

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Guest Post By: Jessica Coscia

“Are these young idealists unsophisticated about what it takes to change the world? Yes, often. At first, they don’t always appreciate the importance of listening to local people and bringing them into the management of projects, and they usually overestimate the odds of success. They also sometimes think it will be romantic to tackle social problems, a view that may fade when they’ve caught malaria.”

The quote, above, is taken from a great New York Times article about the latest “Revolution.” What some are calling the Do-It-Yourself Foreign-Aid Revolution. It’s entertaining, but it also makes a great point.

Friends Unite is an organization, founded by ”regular” people, with a common desire to contribute their own little grain of salt in an effort to make other people’s lives just a little better, I can appreciate the noble efforts of those who work together with modest means to make the world a better place.

When shared with Friends Unite President and Founder, Murali Bashyam, this article reminded him of a  similar point I made at a recent Friends Unite event – that “so many nonprofits focus on how to ‘measure success’ when sometimes it’s impossible to measure because the benefits can extend beyond generations.”

Sure, motivating postitive change in this world of ours is tough work and all of the good intentions in the world will not move mountains, but if we want to have any impact on our world we have to work together.

There is no need to be a lone crusader on your own D.I.Y. revolution when there are plenty of small organizations out there “doing it themselves” who could use a helping hand.

Don’t know which philanthropic effort to tackle first?

How about starting with an easy one. Friendship.

Friends Unite welcomes you to their effort to make a difference in people’s lives, one meaningful friendship at a time.